In February / March of 2017, just shy of my tenth anniversary of leaving Iraq in May of 2007, I partnered with fellow veterans Matthew 'Griff' Griffin and Robin Brown. We put up the first known ski ascent and descent from the top of of Mt. Halgurd, the highest mountain in the Kurdish Autonomous Region of Iraq in the Zagros Mountain Range. The non-profit partner for this mission was TentEd. TentEd was started by fellow Veterans Zack Bazzi, Pat Hu, and Scott Quilty and works to support educational needs determined by the refugee community in Iraqi Kurdistan. 


Climb Angola: In 2015, in partnership with Alex Honnold and the Honnold Foundation, I returned to Angola. I served with The HALO Trust conducting land mine clearance during parts of 2004-05 in Angola. 


Overland Bosnia: estimated summer of 2018. I served in Sarajevo in the fall and winter of 2003-2004. I am planning an overland multi-sport expedition in the summer of 2018 or a ski trip in 2019. I am  working to identify an appropriate non-profit partner to support conservation and an organization working to understand, remember, and prevent genocide. If you have any ideas, please get in touch!

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Photo borrowed from:


Ski Abkhazia: estimated winter of 2018-19. I served with The HALO Trust in Abkhazia from the spring of 2005 until I was recalled at the end of the year to serve in Iraq with the United States Army.