Climb Angola: Completed September 2015


It all started when...

The journey of American rock climber Alex Honnold to Angola, to discover the country’s potential for rock climbing and also to follow up the Honnold Foundation pilot program of home solar systems for the local population. His travel companion Stacy Bare returned to see the progress made by the landmine clearance organisation Halo Foundation.

After last month’s trailer the film is now out that documents Alex Honnold’s trip to Angola. As explained previously, for Honnold this journey to SW Africa had two goals, namely to discover what this land had to offer in terms of rock climbing, but also to help an environmental project develop that he believes in greatly: installing home solar systems to provide electricity to those who are off the grid. His travel companion, Stacy Bare, had been to Angola over a decade ago for the Halo Trust that deals with removing the countless mines hidden around the villages, left as a terrible legacy of 27 years of war. Bare returned to see the progress made, but also to understand the difficulties the local population still have to deal with. This was, to say the least, an important journey.